Our Success and Partners

Bail Success

As of 9/5/2022 TOP has bailed out 1041 people from

Bexar County Jail.

One of TOP’s Right2Justice campaign missions is to end cash bail, which disproportionately keeps Black and Latino people behind bars before their trial simply because they cannot afford to buy their freedom. Bail companies thrive on a system that criminalizes people of color and folks living in poverty. We know that our fight to end cash bail across Texas is a stepping stone to ending mass incarceration. Until we win that fight and truly have a #Tx4All, we will continue to bail our people out of jail one person at a time.

Our Partners

Bexar County Sherrif Office

TOP has established a great working relationship with the Bexar County Sherriff’s department to complete our efforts with bailouts. Special thanks to their team.

Laura DuQue
Bexar County
Population Impact Control Unit Manager

Bail Project Thank You for your partnership.


Thank You for your partnership.