Set Free by TOP

What was supposed to be a simple car ride with a friend turned into the worst day of my life. A friend and I were pulled over for failure to signal. As the officer approached the car he began to question my friend who was driving then asked for my ID before I knew it we were outside the car while the officer conducted a search. The officer found a bag with drugs in it under my seat, they did not belong to me, however, I was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Talk about the wrong place, wrong time. After 6 weeks in the Bexar County jail, I was fearing I would not find a way to get out due to my parents living in another state and I had no way of coming up with funds. I was given TOPs number by a fellow inmate, after my interview I was out of the jail within three days, I was so thankful, I was in disbelief that there was an organization that would be so helpful. since being bailed out I was able to get a car and my job back. TOP was there when I felt like I was at the bottom. I call it ironic TOP has truly brought me to the TOP.

The car scene is a lifestyle, that I truly love. While visiting San Antonio to sell merchandise to supporters in San Antonio I was fueling up at a gas station before heading home to Dallas, When we were pinned in by SAPD who came rolling in with a patty wagon and tow trucks. I was charged with Riot Participation, which is strange to me, I was booked in the Bexar County jail for three days before my family was able to get any answers. Thanks to TOP they helped make this process less stressful for my family. TOP assisted with my bailout process and was able to get me home to Dallas. I just want to say how thankful I am for them and their support during this time.

Our new normal, masks everywhere. I was taken into jail for an old charge. Once I arrived at the jail I was given a mask. I was put into a cell with another gentleman to quarantine for 14 days they said. I was in there for 4 days and in those 4 days, I saw 3 people die from COVID-19. I was so relieved after my video visitation with TOP. At first, I was so confused as to who is requesting to see me I had just got into jail. Once I joined the video, I talked with Jasmine and she let me know I qualified for assistance. I was so relieved it’s just me and my daughter and she could not afford my $5000.00 Bond nor the 5% a bond company or lawyer wanted. My time being in jail made me realize I never wanted to be there again it was so dirty and disgusting not to mention the food. I didn’t eat the whole time I was there. I just want to say TOP has truly helped my daughter and I when we had no one to turn to. Thank You TOP.

After sitting in jail for 6 months with no way of getting out. My bond was too high for my wife and I was just going to have to sit it out till my court date which I still do not have. One day I was interviewed by a deputy and was told I qualified for TOPs Bail Fund program. I had such a weight that was lifted off my chest but it felt too good to be true. Since the day I was placed in jail all I have thought about was getting back to my family. I was placed in jail for a theft charge. I got that charge from going to the HEB and stealing some pampers, a meat pack, and a jug of laundry soap. I lost my warehouse job in March due to COVID, and my family and I were impacted really bad financially. I did what I felt I had to do and well look where it got me. Thanks to TOP I back with my family helping my wife with bills and I get to hold my kids again. TOP was even able to help guide me to where I could get assistance with rent and food services. I would not be here with my family today without TOP.

Being a single mom has put me in some hard places recently after losing my job, I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was on the path of getting things worked out when I was picked up. After spending 14 days in jail with no shower for the first 7 days I was there. I wore the same clothes for my entire stay. it was the worst experience of my life. I know jail is supposed to be hard but being a woman and not being able to shower was tough. Thankfully I was interviewed by TOP and was bailed out. I just want to say how thankful I am for you all.

Where do I even start, I was driving with an expired license and I had an old bag of marihuana in my car. The bag didn’t even have enough to hold in your hand. The cop took one look at me and made up his mind. He said I was being arrested for possession. I knew I would have to sit in jail till my court date, cause my family could not afford my bail. My mother is 86 years old and is on a fixed income. I was in jail for almost 4 months before my mother told me she received a call from TOP she said to me “Son, they will help me bail you out of the jail and she would not have to worry anymore. While in jail I became positive for COVID, I could not go home due to my mother have a weak immune system. Thankfully TOP was able to get me set up at LaQuinta for 14 days to allow me to quarantine. They also assisted me to schedule an appointment to be tested before going home. While in quarantine TOP provided me with basic supplied and necessities. If it wasn’t for TOP I would still be in that jail and my mother would be struggling. Thank you TOP for everything you have done for me.


“I joined the service day after I graduated in May of 1976. I served for 8 years before coming home to help my mother with my siblings. Found out short after mom had cancer and I got to enjoy two years with her before the good Lord called her home. Life got hard, and I found myself without work struggling to hold the house together. My youngest brother was 12 when mom passed and I was all they had. Overwhelmed with the life I turned to drugs and lost it all shortly thereafter. The night I was stopped I was walking home from the bus stop the officer pulled up to me asked where I was headed I explained I was on my way home I was coming from the corner store. I knew right then I was going to be in trouble. The office instructed me to place my hands on the hood of the car. As I mentioned I have an addiction so I had a baggie with some drugs in my pocket and the officer asked do you have anything on you? I admitted to it and that was it he detained me and in the patrol car, I went. I was in the Bexar County Jail for 8 months before receiving Jasmine’s Information from my celly who informed me she was working to assist him with bail. I was thankful for TOP’s assistance, my aunt and uncle could never have afforded my bail. Since being bailed out I have been able to get my job back and have been helping my aunt and uncle get back on track with their finances after being hit by COVID. I just really want to say thank you TOP and what yall are doing has truly been a blessing in my life I’m forever grateful “

I grew up on the west side of San Antonio, I’m the oldest of 3 and the only boy raised by my mother who worked for Andy’s grocery for 30+ years before retiring. I went to Fox tech high school, where I almost graduated. Due to life struggles, I didn’t but instead had to get a job to help out the family. The night I was arrested, I was picked up at the transit center for trespassing, I had just got off work, I work the 3rd shift so I get off at 3:00 AM. No buses are running at this time. A friend gave me a ride to the bus center to allow me to catch the first bus in the morning to get home. The officer did not want to hear my story, I believe the cause of the way I look I was judged. After a 30 day stay in the Bexar County jail. I was thankfully #setfreebyTOP, After being released I was made aware I no longer had a home, due to nonpayment or contact. I had no Job. No money. So now what? Jasmine has been able to provide me resources through TOP’s partners. I just want to say I thank TOP so much for helping when I had no hope. Since I was #savedbytop I have now been able to maintain a full-time job. I’m also getting the keys to my own place again next week.